Classic TV Blog Association Guidelines

1. Purposes.  The purposes of the Classic TV Blog Association (CTVBA) are to:
     a.  Educate the public about classic television.
     b.  Establish a community of classic television bloggers that support one another by sharing member blog links, commenting on each other's articles, promoting blog events, etc.

2.  General Guidelines for Members. 
     a. All members of  the CTVBA will adhere to the highest blogging standards in terms of providing content that is accurate, well-written, informative, and entertaining.
     b. Content cannot contain obscene, indecent, or profane material or links to such material. Mild profanity is acceptable, especially in context of describing a television series. A good rule of thumb is that a member's blog must comply with U.S. network television standards on the occasional use of mild profanity, nudity, and gore.
     c.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If short excerpts of copyrighted material are used, the original source and author must be cited.
     d. Members must publish an average of twelve posts on classic television per year (e.g., as opposed to content pertaining current television series or other media such as theatrical films).
     e.  New content should be published on a regular basis (at least monthly).
     f.  The purpose of a member blog cannot be to expressively sell merchandise or promote a business that sells merchandise. Blogs can be monetized, contain advertisements, and contain links to businesses (providing that is not the site’s sole purpose).
     g. Members agree to have their name (or blogging pseudonym) and a valid e-mail address shared with other members.
     h.  The CTVBA is a non-profit organization that will never collect fees nor accept advertisements.

3.  Governance.
     a.  The CTVBA administrator serves a life-time appointment. If she or he plans to resign from the position, the administrator will appoint a successor.
     b. The administrator accepts new members based on the guidelines in paragraph 2. She or he may remove members who do not comply with those guidelines.
     c.  The administrator can modify this charter, if required, but cannot change paragraphs 2a through 2h in the guidelines.

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  1. I don't have a blog (yet) but you are my people!! Do you have a newsletter that I can subscribe to?