Monday, March 17, 2014

Big Stars on the Small Screen Blogathon

ban grouchoThis blogathon will focus on big Hollywood stars that had their own shows, guest starred in other shows, or hosted anthology series with revolving stories. As such, there is a treasure trove of television shows to choose from – any topic, episode, series or guest appearance. You can write about the history of a series, a silver screen star’s road to the small screen or submit a review of a particular guest appearance. The only requirement is that the star(s) you choose must have had a career in the movies.
The event is scheduled for March 20 and 21.  If you want to submit an entry, please…
  • submit topics via twitter to@CitizenScreen or by email to
  • include the title and link to your blog, contact information and topic
  • include one of the event banners included in this post on your blog to help promote the event.
Go to How Sweet It Was to learn more about this blogathon and view a complete schedule of the posts.