Monday, October 8, 2012

Classic TV Horror Host Blogathon

Welcome to the Classic TV Horror Host Blogathon, a tribute to those memorable TV hosts who brought us late night horror movies! This blogathon will run from October 24-31 (concluding, appropriately, on Halloween).

If you still want to participate, please make sure your blog complies with the Classic TV Blog Association's guidelines (hey, they're pretty general!). Then, send an e-mail to: Include the title and web address of your blog--and specify what host you want to profile. Duplicate tributes are acceptable, provided there aren't too many devoted to one individual.

Here's the current lineup:

Dr. Paul Bearer (High Point, NC/St. Petersburg, FL) - Classic Film & TV Cafe, Oct 24

Svengoolie (Chicago) - Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, Oct 25

Klara Kackel, Hannah Hag, and Beyond Our Control (South Bend, IN) - Classic Film & TV Cafe, Oct 26

Bob Gordon and the Halloween Spooktacular (Winston-Salem, NC) - Classic Film & TV Cafe, Oct 27

Review of Television Horror Movie Hosts by Elena Watson - Classic Film & TV Cafe, Oct 28

Sammy Terry (Indianapolis) - ClassicBecky's Brain Food, Oct 29

Zacherley, The Cool Ghoul (Philadelphia) - How Sweet It Was, Oct 30

Crematia Mortem (Kansas City) - Outspoken & Freckled, Oct 31

Sammy (Terry) and Me - Dr. Film, Oct 31